The Team

Rastko Vukicevic

Chief Executive Officer

Rastko Vukicevic, founder of FEGOS, has over 20 years of experience as a production manager for processing and distribution of TV programs while working at Prava & Prevodi, which is the largest company in the Balkans processing well over 70,000 hours of programs.

Srdjan Jelic

Chief Technical Officer

Srdjan is our Chief Technical Officer and brings over 20 years of battle tested technical expertise to our team. He has worked for billion dollar hedge funds to the broadcast industry, production studios and corporate environments.

Ivica Panic

Chief Marketing Officer

Think Ivica and many of his peers will say he is “bad”. He knows exactly what that means. It means “bad to the bone” by working for some high profile clients such as Victoria's Secret, RE/MAX, and Regus.